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"Character Squads" are pairs of characters that come in the same family and/or variety. 

The Kids

Duncan Plays Frisbee.jpg
Duncan and Xander read a book.png

The Golden
Retriever Family

Laina and Duncan Play in the Mud.jpg
Cozy Tristan.jpg
Snow Angels.jpg
Parker at the Mountain Range.jpg
Laina's Cousin.jpg
Baby Friends.jpg

The Tuxedo Cat Family

The Tuxedo Family in the Park.png
Hands Off the Baby.jpg
Lucas Meets Eva.jpg
Eva Wakes Up.jpg
The Tuxedo Sisters Paint a Picture.jpg
Claudia Lofton.jpg

Chow Chows

Aberdeen's Remodel.jpg
Wyatt's Remodel.jpg

Popstar Pack

Vivian and Hunter Outside.jpg
Vivian and Hunter Outside.jpg
The Setter Twins.jpg
Lucy and Pepper Go Shopping.jpg
Piper's Morning Yoga.jpg

Coffee Baristas

Maci Goes Aro.jpg
Isabella Serves Coffee.jpg
The First Fox.jpg

Calico Crew (family)

The Calico Couple.jpg
Jasper and Hudson at the Beach.jpg
Jasper and Hudson at the Beach.jpg
Nell Substitutes Adalynn's Ballet Class.jpg
Calico Triplets.png

Life Saver Saint Bernards

Lucy and Pepper Go Shopping.jpg
Lucy's Husband.jpg

Turkish Angoras

Riley Helps Adalynn Pick Out Clothes.jpg
Riley Helps Adalynn Pick Out Clothes.jpg

Heavy Workers

Rose and Duncan Build a Snowdog.jpg
Ibsen the Book Cat.png
Cora's Carrot Dress.jpg
Glitter-Eyed Lillie.jpg
The Therapy Session.jpg
Violet the Border Collie.png
This is Paul Poodleman.png
Faris' Special Relationship.png

Healthy Exercisers

Roxy and Duncan Play Volleyball.jpg
Owen Sets Up His Drawing Tablet.jpg
Bailey the Jack Russell.jpg

British Longhair Family

Olivia's Love Dress.png
Milo in the Meadow.jpg
Oliver's First Snowfall.jpg

Welsh Springer Family

Jane the Waitress.jpg
Peppermint Shepherd.jpg
Baby Friends.jpg

Polish Tatra Family

Bria the Ballerina.png
Bria Tries Her Husband's Treats.png
Outside Snuggle.png
Meet Liam and Beckett.png
Meet Liam and Beckett.png

French Chatonnes (Black Cat Family)

Ebony's Surprise.png


Angel is also a part of the Coffee Baristas squad but duplicating her profile would be weird.

Riley should be a part of The Kids squad but duplicating his profile would also be weird.

Duncan is also a part of The Golden Retriever Family squad due to him being adopted by Laina and Tristan, but again, duplicating his profile would be weird.

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