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Duncan: The Culture FAQ

  • What is "Duncan: The Culture"?
    "Duncan: The Culture" is a family friendly web series based on anthropomorphic cartoon animals living their lives in a city where they do different jobs and care for each other. "Duncan" is a character owned by SimonBrother and his brand, Snow Falls.
  • Is this series SFW?
    Yes. Duncan: The Culture will stay family friendly.
  • Why are some assets a bit mild? (Disabled people, pregnant women, etc.)
    These assets aren't considered NSFW. They also appear in some images outside of "Duncan: The Culture" that aren't NSFW. This means that "Duncan: The Culture" can keep its "SFW" rating. Here's a list of mild SFW content shown in this web series: Shepherd is half blind. Nell revealed she was expecting again on 9/7/21. She later gave birth on 6/9/22! Duncan was being attacked by a corrupted remote-controlled Heli-plane in the first comic strip, "Target Acquired." Olivia was revealed to be thirty weeks pregnant with Oliver on 10/15/21. She later gave birth to him on 12/23/21 but was supposed to be 12/19/21. I guess Oliver wanted to stay in the womb for a bit longer. Bria was revealed to be pregnant with twin boys on 7/2/22, and later gave birth on 12/3/22. Laina revealed she was expecting on Christmas Day. She is currently pregnant with a baby girl. Jude, Laina's subject in physical therapy, only has one leg, due to his right one being amputated. Ebony, Laina's old friend from middle school, came back to move in to Furryville, and revealed she was pregnant as well. She is expecting a baby boy.
  • Are these characters completely original?
    Yes. I have created all of these characters myself. If I don't have a character idea- I ask friends and family!
  • Do the voice actors actually voice the characters?
    No. It is just inspiration. The voice actor paired with its character is complete fiction and fan made. That way, you'll have a better understanding of what they could actually sound like!
  • Are characters that are outside the roster considered side/key characters?
    No, they aren't.
  • Can I create fan-art of your characters? Is there a limitation on what I can include? Where can I post them?
    You may definitely create fan-art of my characters, if you want to. Just make sure not to claim it as your own character, as they are mine. If you do so, I may ask you to take it down or edit in a quote that it is my character, and not yours. There are a few limitations to what you can include in your fan art. Like I said before, Duncan: The Culture is family friendly, so you may need to keep it that way. Here's what you can and can't include: You can include... Mild features or things you're used to drawing (You can draw breasts on females, but don't make them too big to attract NSFW artists. Try to make them a bit small so it doesn't look too inappropriate for younger viewers, and make sure to cover them up with a shirt or something! Muscles are okay on both males and females, but don't make them vein-y or extremely large. Small muscles are fine! Human-like hands and feet are okay, if you draw them instead of paws. Female pregnancy is very okay ((it might only apply to characters in my series that have gone through pregnancy or have a child or more than one child)), but make sure that you don't make the bump extremely large. It's super, super weird. Keep it at a normal size. If you don't know what size to make the bump, find a reference or look at my pictures.) Your original character next to or with my character (if you want) A human (yourself or an original character) being beside my character is okay, as it isn't considered canon Blind characters (it's not a bad disorder) Disabled characters (but not too disabled) You may NOT include... Nudity/Porn (exposure of the bottom, or any private part that is present, and this includes having a character with absolutely no clothing on) Sex (in all parts, including positions) Foul Language (basically swear words or foul hand signs) Death (a character dying or has died on screen) Vore (a typically erotic desire or sexual fantasy to be consumed or to consume another) Male Pregnancy (as it could be considered vore in some cases, and does not exist at all) Gore (blood that has been shed, especially as a result of violence) Violence (physically fighting, abuse) Alcohol or Tobacco (beer, drugs, smoking) Birth Weaponry (wielding a knife, any type of gun, or something being used as a weapon that isn't considered one) Surgery (it's not bad, but it's just weird) Obesity (being extremely fat or overweight) A character that you do not own (for copyright reasons) A link to a malicious website (such as in the description or as a reference in the picture) Now, if you want, you can post the fan-art that you created on these sites (I may need approval first): Twitter Krita Artists (through public topic or private message) Fur Affinity Instagram Facebook Reddit (SFW subreddit) Pinterest Discord (through an image link) DeviantArt Artstation Pixiv You may email me the picture too if you want. Head to the contact page for details!
  • Did you start the series off with your Wacom Tablet?
    No. When "Duncan: The Culture" was first being created, I stuck with my mouse for the beginning year until Christmas of 2020. By then, I have gotten better at drawing than I have before! If you go from The Beginning Collection all the way to the present Collection, you may notice some changes. It's a monumental timeline!
  • Which software do you use to draw, and why?
    I use Krita for Windows. I use it because it has a very well-designed user interface to navigate with, and it's easier to download brushes that you want to use that aren't originally implemented in Krita. It also has a wide compatibility with multiple branded drawing tablets, especially my Wacom. I feel happy using Krita to this day!
  • Who is this character that appears on this page?
    The character is Nell, a female tuxedo cat.
  • Why do some of the artworks appear on Krita Artists?
    I use Krita Artists to present my artwork and get tips from other like-minded artists to better my craft.
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