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The lore of Duncan: The Culture is very mysterious. What's the plot?

Furryville entrance.jpg

The City of Furryville

The city of Furryville, "a city for everyone", is where every character in Duncan: The Culture lives. The city's safety is highly intelligent, whether there's so many hard-working police officers, dozens of hospitals, and the popularity of many restaurants around the block, most of the buildings being the "Medipaws Veterinary Hospital" and "Maci's Kitty Cafe". People always say, "the city is best for being healthy", even for its population.

Duncan Loves Laina.jpg

An Unexpected Guest

Duncan, the fourteen-year-old male Westie, wasn't from Furryville at first. When he was thirteen, he ran away from home due to being raised from a pretty bad family. He was made fun of his height and couldn't be kept by his unknown parents because they were poor. He later was found as an orphan during his fourteenth birthday by a veterinarian named Tristan, a male golden retriever. Tristan took Duncan in and started to take care of him to keep him alive, leading to meeting his girlfriend Laina later on, trading roles so Tristan can do his job at a hospital while Laina was at home taking care of Duncan. They became best friends forever, leading to more friendships with other people the Retrievers know.

Humans Don't Exist!

The world of "Duncan: The Culture" is a place where humans don't even exist. Nobody knows what they are, and there weren't even humans at first. They didn't go extinct- they're just... not there. The furries also don't treat humans like furries like we treat them like furries (fantasy), because humans aren't even real! The word "human" doesn't exist, the idea behind humans don't even exist, nothing related to humans don't even exist. The world is all furry-like. Furries are the only beings, and will always be the only being.

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